2016 Gran Turismo

    Pioneer Head Swap Before & After               

    K40 RL360Di Stealth Radar W/ Dual LDO Laser Deffuers.       

         2016 Q4       

         W/ Our K40 RL360i Stealth Radar System    

   2001 Cambiocorsa. With only 2 1/2" of depth behind radio cavity we custom mounted radio face/controls while remotely mounting body of radio under seat. 

  2010 4.7 Convertible W/ Our K40 Calibre System Installed

   LED's Hidden                  LED's In Triggered Mode

     2008 Gran Turismo        Our Motorola IHF-1700 Bluetooth Interface

  2008 Gran Turismo                   

  Our Motorola IHF-1000 Bluetooth Interface

2005 Quattroporte 
  Picture Showing Ashtray Door Closed 
  Ashtray Door Open Showing Motorola IHF-1000 Bluetooth Interface