2005 Accord W/ Pioneer AVH-2500NEX In PAC Electronic Dash Kit.

    2013 Civic Si W/ Pioneer MVH-2400NEX Installed In Custom Painted Dash

    2010 Accord W/ Pioneer MVH-2400NEX

    2018 HRV W/ Our Pioneer AVH-2400NEX

    2009 Fit W/ Pioneer AVH-1400NEX In Dash.

    2012 Accord W/ Pioneer MVH-1400NEX Head Unit

    2015 Accord Hybrid W/ Our Pioneer DD Head Integration.

  2003 Accord W/ Pioneer FH-X700BT In New Digital Dash Kit

    2006 Accord W/ Pionner App Radio 3 In New Digital Dash Kit

    2006 Accord With Alpine CD Receiver In Top Dash Position.

   2003 Accord With Pioneer AVIC-X940BT Custom Installed Into Lower Dash

2003 Accord. Custom Installed Alpine IVA-W200 In Lower Dash Integrated With Factory Navigation.

    2003 Accord With Pioneer DEH-6400BT Installed In Lower Dash

Heres an amp rack mounted under plexi-glass in the trunk

An 98' Accord W/ An Alpine Type X Subwoofer

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