2015 Silverado W/ Our Pioneer DMH-1500NEX In Dash

    2000 Corvette With Our Double Din Dash & Pioneer MVH-1400NEX Radio.

1970 Monte Carlo. Hand Crafted Custom Console & Radio Installation

    2004 Corvette W/ a Pioneer AVH-X390BS In Dash

   2015 Camaro W/ Pioneer AVH-290BT In Dash.    

    2017 Silverado W/ Pioneer AVH-4201 In Dash.

    Various Screen Shots Of 2017 Silverado W/ Our 10" Alpine X110-SLV Head Unit Integration.


    2017 Silverado W/ Our Pioneer FH-X730BS In Dash.

    1966 Vette Here For Restoration Work   

   2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collectors Edition    Installed K40 RL360i Radar       Footwell Custom Lighting        Side Vent Custom Lighting

    Hood Scoop Custom Lighting                     Tailpipe Custom Lighting   

    Rear Valence Panel Lighting   

    Side Views   

2015 Camaro SS Showing Off Our Custom Trunk. Rear Wall & Sides Have A Unique Glass Finish With Multi Colored Motion LED's Behind The Panels For A Very Cool Effect.

Clicl Logo To Left To See A short Video Clip Of The Car.


    2012 Colorado With Our Pioneer  AVH-X290BT In Dash.

   1970 Monte Carlo, Head + 4 & Dashboard Restoration      

     2007 Corvette With Our Pioneer AVH-4200NEX W/ Custom Splash Screen

    2002 Tahoe with a Pioneer AVH-280BT Double Din head unit installed.

    Our customer was in a bad accident, truck towed...only thing still working...
was our Rigid Industries LED bar in the front bumper. Indestructible product.

    Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX In A 2012 Camaro

    1964 Sting Ray W/ Our Pioneer Mechless Bluetooth Streaming Radio In The Glovebox.

    We Also Removed The Radio's IR Sensor And Remounted It In A Vent For Wireless Remote Control Of All Radio Features While Its Hidden. Very Cool Trick !!!!

      2013 Supercharged ZR1     

        This picture shows the glass window on the hood and how we highlighted with blue LED's.    

Custom Amp/Subwoofer Enclosure In Rear Hatch    Notice Removable Storage Compartments

   Great Integration Without Going Overboard With Flash  

    AVIC-Z150BH In Dash

    2013 Corvette Grand Sport

    Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX   

     1997 Z06 Corvette W/ Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX   

    1996 Corvette Before/After W/ Pioneer FHX-700BT  

    2012 Tahoe

    Notice This Pioneer Radio Gives Us Album Art From An FM Station

    We Also Retained Factory Satellite Radio With Text In The Cluster

   2002 Corvette With Custom Dash Molded To Fit A Pioneer AVIC-X940BT In Dash.

    Replacement OnStar FMV Mirror With Bluetooth In A 2012 Traverse.

    2009 Suburban W/ /Pioneer AVIC-X940BT In Dash 

    2012 Camaro W/ %35 Tinted Windows

   22010 Tahoe W/ Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH In Dash   

    2004 Corvette

Before        After W/ Pioneer AVIC-X940BT & Custom Logo Screen

    2009 Pontiac G8 GXP      Custom iPhone Integration, Radar & HIDs

    2010 Camaro, Click On Picture To See Custom Lighting We Installed

   2011 Equinox With Sub/Amp Rack In Floor  

    2012 Corvette Centennial Edition....Tinted Windows

   2006 Supercharged Vette Convertible W/ "Lambo" Doors  

   765 Horse Power     Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT Installed In Dash Along With Super High-Performance Series Legatia Special Edition Speakers From Hybrid-Audio.

                2012 Camaro SS Convertible              

  Installed A K40 RL360 With EX Laser Diffuser 

   Chromed Out Engine With Our Custom Lighting

   2009 Corvette Z06                                    

    Custom Center Channel Pod In Top Dash   

   Extensive Trunk Customization                     Corvette Logo Cut Out Above Amps
Two JL Audio 13TW5 Subwoofers. Illuminated Badging & Custom Lighting Accents (not shown)

    2008 Suburban W/ A Pioneer AVIC-X920BT In Dash

  2010 Camaro SS With Our Custom Signal Side Mirrors.

   A Pair Of 2010 Camaro's That We Recently Worked On   

   1970 Camaro SS               Installed An Alpine Head W/ Custom JVC EQ

  2010 Suburban W/ An AVIC-Z110BT. Also Integrated Sirius, HD, iPod And Integrated His Factory Rear Entertainment System For Complete Dual Zone Compatibility!!! Also Set Up His iPhone With The Pioneer AVIC FEEDS App.

  2007 Silverado W/ Pioneer AVIC-X910BT In Dash.

    2011 Silverado                   Pioneer AVIC-Z150BT In Dash

  Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia Tweeter In Custom Mount

           Various Shots Of Sub Enclosures And Amp Rack.
Housing Two JL Audio 10W7AE Subwoofers & Three Alpine PDX Series Amps. This Truck Is Loud!!!!!!

  2006 Equinox With Pioneer Avic-X710BT, Sirius, HD, iPod & Steering Wheel Control

    2007 Corvette                                    Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

  2009 Cobalt With A Pioneer AVIC-Z1

   2009 ZR1                                       


   iPod Interface In Glove Box            

   XM Satellite Screen

  2001 Chevy Silverado                            Custom Sub/Amp Rack

  Side View Unlit                                    Side View Lit Up

  Full View Under Rear Seat                   Close Up View

  1955 Chevy                                               Alpine Head Built Into Arm Rest

  Amp Rack                                               
  Right Front Door                                   

  Interior Shot                                                Trunk View                                               

  Amp Rack Closed               

   1957 Chevy BelAir                               

We Replaced The Radio With A Custom Autosound Reproduction

  2007 Corvette    
 Custom Fiberglass Trunk   See Build Pictures On "Projects" Page

 1970 Impala Convertible

  1970 Impala Convertible
 Pioneer Avic-N3 Housed In A Back   Painted Plexi-Glass Custom Dash Panel (open)
  Another View (closed) Also Seen Is Custom Speaker Kick Panel
Right Side Custom Kick Panel Housing Boston Acoustics Pro 60 Component Speakers   Rear Straight On Shot Of Finished Trunk Wrapped In Vinyl.
Left View Of Trunk
  Right View Showing Battery Box
Close Up Of Hand Made Impala Logo Above A JL Audio 12W3V3 Subwoofer.      

2007 Trailblazer With Pioneer Avic-D3. I-Pod Screen.
  With Gauge Screen.
With Navigation Screen.      

1996 Impala SS W/ Pioneer Avic-Z1. Cool Thing Here Is The Original Radio Was Only Din 1/2 In Size And The HVAC Controls Were Above It...So The Dash Was Re-Fabricated Using Fiberglass To Accommodate The Double Din Size Avic-Z1 While Also Relocating The HVAC Controls Under The Avic! Dash Was Then Textured To Match The Factory Finish.

2005 Avalanche Sporting A Pioneer AVIC-D1



2006 Z06
  Custom Amp/Sub Enclosure In Hatch W/ Illuminating Z06 Emblem

  2006 Vette Coupe                                      Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD In Dash
2004 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette W/ Our Projector Style Headlight Conversion.   Alpine Head Unit In Dash

 Here's an 01' ZO6 Vette. This is the sub/amp rack in the trunk.


1998 Corvette Convertible. Check out the hand crafted trunk lid.
  Another pic of the custom fiberglass molded trunk showing off two 12" Alpine Type R Subwoofers.
The trunk lid custom mounted over the engine compartment during shows
  The amp rack with 6 1 Farad caps!!! This Car Was On Display At The Funkmaster Flex Car Show In Atlantic City In June Of 04',

  1964 Impala SS. We Replaced All Of The Factory Speakers
  1965 Corvette

   Alpine 6X9's Behind Seat                       JL Audio Sub In Rear

An Alpine CDA-9815 in another 98 Vette      

 2001 Corvette Trunk
  Another Trunk Shot

1985 Corvette
  Alpine Head Unit In Dash
TMA Amp & JL Audio Subs Flushed In Floor Behind Seat

1984 Corvette   Top View Of Rear Of Vette
Rear View Of Trunk   Dash Of Vette

1976 Corvette...Replaced Radio
  Custom Rear Section Of 76' Vette Showing 6 X 9's And A Sub. Amp Is In Spare Well

1955  Bel Air

JL Audio 10W1 Subwoofer Custom Mounted Through Rear Seat
  Right Rear Speaker
Right Front Speaker
  Cd Changer Mounted In Center Console

A JL Audio 10W7 in an 03' Monte Carlo

How bout monitors in the headrest for X-Box in this 91' S10 Blazer The picture cuts it off but the rear view mirror also has a 5" monitor built into it.      

Here is a custom fiberglass molded kick panel in an S-10 pick up   Here is a pic of the sub rack behind the seats

Heres an elaborate trunk area in a full size Blazer

'02 Camaro SS Convertible
  Looking Into The Rear Hatch, 2 JL Audio 10" Subs W/ Custom "Fan" Port For Alpine 5 Channel Amp.

We donate our services to help out local organizations like the Dare program. Heres a Camaro.   Another view...note the 4 video screens spanning across the top
Another view...note the 4 video screens spanning across the top      

Heres an oldie but goodie. The Medford Township DARE Camaro   Heres a shot of the elaborate trunk space

2001 Camaro Convertable, Subs & 2 Amps Flush In Floor


1955 Chevy P-Up   We Built A Custom Wall To House A Pair Of Speakers
Inside Shot Of Our Custom Console

1987 GNX
  Super Rare Car !!!
       We Changed over the 6 speakers W/ JL Audio's & Added A 4 Ch. Amp...Hidden Of Course

04' Tahoe W/ A Customized JL Audio 12W7 High Output Sub Enclosure