2012 Vantage S

   K40 Calibre DL/EX Stealth Radar  

  2012 Virage

    K40 RL360/EX Stealth Radar  

  2007 DB9 Convertible

    K40 Calibre DL/EX Radar      LED's Mounted In Ashtray Per Customers Request

'    2011 V8 Vantage

    K40 Calibre Radar System Installed  
     2011 V12 Vantage W/ K40 RL360 Stealth Radar  

  2007 Vantage. We Installed A K40 Calibre Stealth Radar System. An iPod Interface ...

      ....And This Cool Stealth Sirius Satellite Display   

  2005 DB9 W/ K40 Calibre DL/EX Stealth Radar

  His And Hers DB9's W/ Our Custom Stealth Subwoofer

  22005 V12 Vanquish S, Aston Martin Brings Us These Cars To Have The Audio System
Upgraded To
Match The Performance Standards Of These Awesome Automobiles